Search Results Rise To New Heights

Today you might be forgiven for running out of superlatives with the opening of the world’s tallest building.

Indeed a lot has been said, and no doubt a lot more will be said about this engineering achievement. In the ‘race for the sky’ this is truly a step-change, smashing previous records. Another…

In searching for news today, see ‘extensive construction’ within Google natural search: the top 10 search results for [dubai tower] covers 3 pages (scrolling twice) and contains 6 entries for ‘helpful Google snippets’ (aka Google Spam).


The ‘top spot’ sneeks in at the bottom. And scroll…


Wiki, real-time, video, you sort of expect. But it’s a long list…


Trends, a nice touch. Finish with related searches, no surprise. But 3 pages, a monster!

In keeping with the day, let’s think ‘pure measurement’ – can you beat this? What is the longest top 10 Google search result? Measured in: times of scrolling, and Google Spam entries. Send them in!

Until then, I claim the world’s longest search result!

PS. No tall-stories.