Digital Governance for Global Brands

Your digital brand is your face on the Internet. Are you happy with the way it’s presented? Saving cost and reducing risk, Digital Brand Governance allows you to always answer “Yes.”

What is Digital Brand Governance?

Digital Brand Governance (DBG) is a framework to control and manage the delivery of online brand assets. It ensures compliance with online standards and protects online brands. In effect, it is SEO over a large number of websites, using optimisation techniques in the next evolution of SEO. Now more than ever, greater digital activity demands better digital control.

A graph showing the widening gap between digital marketing activity and business control.
When more resources create an increase in digital marketing activity,
KPI monitoring and digital control often gets left behind.

It provides a cost effective control mechanism, guided by compliance and performance objectives, built using techniques that mingle processes, people and technology, and used to govern brand assets online and across the Internet. It helps reduce risk and is the foundation for improved performance.

Governance for Website Portfolios

Your website is the main brand asset that every marketing channel works in collaboration to strengthen. How are you taking care of it? While existing Corporate or Enterprise SEO solutions talk about handling one (usually very large) website, at Cressive DX we take a different approach.

Our method of Brand Governance is grounded in domain ownership and control of large numbers of websites. Do you know how many websites your company owns and their total aggregate traffic? Which is most important? Which has the priority issues to fix? Where are the quick wins? What is the correct long term approach to build in strategic competitive advantage?

Can you confidently say that your websites are helping you achieve your business goals?

Based on your brand strategy, we apply brand governance to help you evaluate and control your multi-website portfolio. With our monitoring and recommendations, you can easily determine where to remove risk and save money while optimising for growth in website traffic.

Are you confident with your brand control?

International SEO

International SEO is the management of multiple websites targeted for different markets around the world. Closely linked to multi-website SEO, International SEO can benefit both established brands operating in multiple regions or smaller brands aiming to expand globally. A well-managed International SEO strategy can tip the scale between customer attrition and conversion.

We’ve seen the standard of separately managing different channels then linking back to a website handled externally, where one internal brand team can have multiple digital vendors. Multiply this by the various markets your brands reach around the world and you’ve got a complex structure that can be difficult to handle.

Our innovative International SEO tool makes managing various geo-targeted websites easier, with specially designed modules to build and monitor hreflang attributes. Imagine the ability to diagnose issues quickly, monitoring tech changes real-time and streamlining workflows based on data.

The Value of Digital Governance

If your company’s digital presence has been allowed to grow out of control, it leads to increased costs and risks. Uncoordinated teams can lead to paid campaigns conflicting with SEO programmes and inefficient ad spend.

The complexity of digital operations has made digital marketing costly and less effective. Now control of large scale digital activity can be re-aligned to business performance, and help the delivery of digital strategy.

CFOs and decision-makers get data and visibility of enterprise-scale website portfolios to allow them to diagnose, measure and manage for lower costs and risks in digital activity.

CMOs and Heads of Digital, aided by our expertise and software, receive powerful web analytics tracking to craft brand strategy based on solid data, generating website traffic and increasing revenue.

Ready to govern your digital presence?

DBG at Cressive DX

Guided by your overarching brand strategy, we conduct an enterprise-wide digital brand audit. We assess your website technology, relevancy and content across your portfolio of websites before using best-practice tactics to align them to your strategic marketing goals.

SEO is the currency for digital governance and performance. Our method has been developed over years of experience working with various clients: brand owners, Heads of Digital, CMOs, and CFOs whom we’ve helped to achieve their brand and business goals.

We combine our powerful, proprietary tracking tool with our web expertise to deliver a best-in-class solution. With digital governance, we help put companies back in control of their online world.

This increased standard of SEO for multiple websites is more than just a framework for establishing accountability and standards for an organisation’s digital presence – it’s the bedrock for our brand governance approach.

Now that you have control, what’s next?

Learn more about progressing your performance marketing and brand reporting.