Digital Share of Voice

In the reality of everyday marketing departments operations, Share of Voice can be something of a holy grail. Yet it is here now, a digital metric ready to help you.

Digital Share of Voice Explained

What is Share of Voice? Share of Voice (SOV) is a marketing metric used to measure the share of media by one company, as a proportion of its total market. Within digital marketing, SOV is also known as Share of Search or digital market share: a high value measure of the intensity of one brand’s visibility relative to its competitors.

SOV in Brand Performance Measurement

SOV is used in strategic research with excess SOV (eSOV) acting as an indicator of the causality of current media presence on future market share, in the longer term. In essence, increasing your existing media share leads to a greater future market share.

However, now more popularly used Digital SOV: a common tool in shorter term, campaign-driven or daily marketing operations. Our clients use it within ‘Win in Search’ initiatives and as a digital performance measure of how well their digital marketing is doing, with built-in competitor intelligence.

Do you know your Share of Voice?

Use Cases of SOV as an SEO Metric

At Cressive DX, SOV is a holistic measure of SEO performance. In an online sector defined by a comprehensive set of keywords Share of Voice acts as a metric weighted by target keywords on different platforms, to factor in search market volumes as a means of prioritisation, that gives us the ability to track brand performance relative to your competition. 

Below are the two main use cases for Share of Voice as an SEO Metric. With Cressive DX, you can more easily combine and analyse SOV in Google and Amazon, creating a full online view.

Google and Search Engine SOV

Usually specific to a local market, Digital SOV in Google translates the focus on SEO position in search results beyond simply ranking. As an SEO metric, SOV can be aggregated up to a share of visibility that includes both Organic (or natural) and Paid channels.

Amazon and eCommerce SOV

Understanding that customers also start their product search journey in eRetailers, we similarly have Digital Share of eCommerce to identify market share based on Amazon positions for keywords.

Automated Calculation of SOV

SOV as a metric has proven value to digital brand marketing even in the short term. However ROI rests upon an easy calculation of SOV, ie. it must be fast and cost effective. We have automated the daily calculation of SOV making its cost of calculation relatively low. 

This is built into our brand reporting as a module of the Cressive DX dashboard and platform, in a sector where few providers deliver. SOV can be compiled from your choice of search engines and eCommerce website, and presented in easily accessible reports in our software.

With Cressive DX, your team gains access to your online market share and competitor intelligence: the right insight, at the right time, to make the right decisions.

How can you leverage and grow your Share of Voice?