Our Brand Reporting and SEO Software

Brand reporting with built-in SEO Best-Practice

Brand presentation has grown increasingly uncontrollable with the explosive growth of digital activity. In handling channel marketing more complex than ever before, marketing teams are expected to be experts in big data and data analysis.

But without timely, digestible, prioritised digital reports, how can anyone ensure brand visibility in the sea of complexity?

Marketers need the right enterprise-scale SEO software that provides governance and automation, using templates to quickly answer questions and provide sharp insights for actionable data.

A creatively moving GIF of the Cressive DX dashboard interface.

Digital Brand Monitoring

The measurement and monitoring of your digital brand should provide a complete picture of your digital customer experience. Our platform for Brand Governance and dashboards for Performance allow you to quickly assess your overall digital brand health, pinpoint issues and take action to improve performance.

We correlate upstream (“cause”) digital delivery components, like website health and speed, with downstream (“effect”) results, including resulting search rankings, Share of Search and market Share of Voice (SOV), across search engines and eCommerce.

An image of Cressive DX software's dashboard landing page user interface.
Sample view of Cressive DX’s Digital Brand Performance dashboard.

Made more intuitive through best-practice user interface design and prompt delivery of real-time alerts for both on- and off-page changes, our software gives you the power to understand and monitor your digital customer experience. With Digital Brand Governance, your measurement of digital experience becomes a routine digital process and an organisational strength.

Search Ranking Reports

Digital reporting includes the measurement, monitoring and presentation of digital performance in digital format. We’re setting the standard with our intuitive Search Ranking Reports, with real-time analysis and dynamic data visualisation giving marketers the confidence in their SEO reporting. 

Our digital marketing research focus means we have algorithms helping create a specific range of digital KPIs. Our software measures and notifies on changes, while also speeding up delivery of results, so you can say goodbye to sending PDFs or PowerPoint presentations through email.

  • Monitor technical SEO performance of large numbers of websites with our Tech module.
  • Quickly pinpoint issues for optimisation of target pages with our SEO module.
  • Turn SERP ranking positions into high value KPIs with our customisable Position module.
  • Visualise website visits and analyse trends using the Traffic and Brand modules.

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