Marketing Performance and SEO KPIs

Digital marketing is all about managing analytics and insights against creatives, budgets and business goals. After establishing digital brand control, you have a stronger foundation to optimise digital marketing for improved brand performance.

SEO and Performance Marketing

Website optimisation lies at the heart of online brand definition and positioning. While many brands drive awareness through advertising spend and paid media placements – Performance Marketing, your online brand needs to be governed before it can be optimised.

SEO becomes faster and more cost-effective when websites are better governed. Performance Marketing should be guided by the SEO data, together with the diagnostics and monitoring that come from control.

How can you determine the best strategy? Without the guidance of an expert team, it can also feel impossible to decide which marketing analytics or web tracking tool can actually help with generating usable insights.

Performance Monitoring

At Cressive DX, our brand diagnostics and recommendations are more than just website audits and SEO tactics. We help marketers understand the big-picture data that strengthen performance marketing measurement. We believe that channel marketing coordination needs measurement of digital user experience across all your websites.

Our progressive take on performance marketing makes measurement and action easier. We can help you better monitor your brand performance. Using our software, our brand diagnostics prioritise the required best practice, making digital marketing with Cressive DX different from the rest.

Are you satisfied with your SEO and PPC strategies?

PPC (Paid) vs. SEO (Natural)

Paid versus Organic search marketing is a popular debate among digital marketers. In fact, “PPC vs SEO” has almost 2,500 average monthly Google searches globally – but should there even be any debate? While each has their own strength to achieve marketing goals, it’s clear that PPC activity affects SEO strategy and vice versa.

Coordinating Paid and Natural search marketing is a vital tool for better brand growth, and better control of both leads to cost savings and improved campaign performance. With our Paid-Natural Overlap module, you can more easily measure results for both channels and generate fast insights on their overlap that can be fed to the right marketing channel mix.

Brand Diagnostics with Dashboards

Data visualisation is an important part of monitoring. Our Dashboards and their various digital marketing modules help visualise your brand’s performance with built-in best-practice templates. Based on years of experience in brand control and SEO performance improvement, each module is built around best-practice SEO KPIs.

Issue Diagnosis

Within your dashboard, our Digital Brand Performance modules provide fast and efficient insights. You can more easily diagnose digital brand issues before they arise and measure the health of your brand assets.

Cross-channel Analysis

Our Scorecard module helps you maximise cross-channel digital marketing spend. By showing analytics across channels (Paid and Organic) and displaying their overlaps, we can more efficiently generate insights from digital customer experience data.

Is your Performance Marketing guided by SEO?

Keyword Benchmarking

By tracking target keywords and webpages against SERP ranking with our Position module, we can more easily benchmark and hone your overall keyword strategy.

Digital Monitoring

Performance Reporting in the dashboard monitors and measures digital marketing performance across search engines and eRetail websites to give easily digestible data and insights at your fingertips.

Performance Success through SERP

Search result rankings are one of the range of best-practice proven SEO KPIs we use to accelerate your success. We can help you visualise your online marketing performance and benchmark against your competitors.

Using our software we are able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your overall digital strategy, from keyword to digital marketing channel, from line of html code to website. We manage your website portfolio and guide your digital marketing towards maximum performance.

Progressive performance monitoring is just part of a bigger picture.