Supporting the Growth of Digital Brand Presence

Our client strategically positioned their brand online by implementing SEO best practices with newly bolstered digital marketing capability. They achieved improved search performance, increased online content production, and enhanced visibility for senior management buy-in.

Client and Brief

With local implementations in London, Bristol and Edinburgh, the client is a leading heat network provider division of a large Swedish energy conglomerate. They are taking their proven experience in many other European cities to now work with UK partners and councils to deliver low-carbon heating.

As a burgeoning brand in the UK they remain relatively unknown. We were briefed to tactically help position their digital presence and begin to establish website governance strategy in order to ensure improved search performance in the future.

Goal and Scope

The goal: To better present and position the brand online for prospect awareness, so as to drive qualified traffic and customer acquisition, and help develop an internal capability.

The scope: In supporting the client’s digital/business strategy to position online as a leading provider of sustainable heating, we recommended best-practice SEO activity to support existing PR initiatives, such as establishing long-tail keyword usage and dominating niche location targeting.

In helping build their digital governance capability, we subsequently supported their internal push for technical and CMS proficiency as well as the initial creation of a backlink strategy to capitalise on potential partnerships.

Graph presenting the movement of Digital Brand Presence from Governance to Performance.

Solutions Implemented

Building Digital Marketing Capability

We helped the client develop a solid foundation of digital brand governance for their national brand — building up from their limited in-house resources. This included guidance on technical SEO aspects such as information architecture, in coordination with Group/HQ, and recommendations on best-practice on-page SEO copy and metadata, in addition to best-practice off-page SEO partnering.

Regional SEO Support

To strengthen regional SEO activity we recommended a targeted strategy for specific locations like Bristol, London, and Scotland. This included niche location targeting using long-tail keywords to optimise on-page content and off-page metadata. This helped the client better expand customer acquisition in their target regional markets.

Performance Reporting of SEO KPIs

We supported the client in implementing performance reporting for their SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Using our platform to regularly monitor technical changes and report on position improvement, we unearthed insights on their organic search performance that created data-driven benchmarks for future content creation.

Benefits to the Client

With our collaboration the client successfully improved website control and introduced new digital marketing processes that boosted team knowledge and execution. This has led to an increased drive in online content production and digital partnership creation.

Their improved local digital presence helped also achieved better ranking performance, reported through our enhanced monitoring system. Our collaboration on performance reporting of SEO KPIs ensured transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in their digital marketing efforts.

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