Implementing Strategic Digital Branding

Our client successfully improved their online brand presentation and digital performance using our SEO and brand governance framework, resulting in increased organic traffic and qualified marketing leads.

Client and Brief

The client is a San Francisco-based technology investment bank providing financial and M&A advisory services to tech entrepreneurs globally. They have advised on nearly 150 transactions in over 15 years, including acquisitions by Accenture, Microsoft, Google, and many more.

They are an established B2B brand in a niche sector, so we were tasked to help improve their wider online brand presentation and provide a solid governance framework that will jumpstart digital performance.

Goal and Scope

The goal: To improve their online presentation in search results by starting to rank on Google for key terms, as well as to better position against both their identified and unidentified competitors in the space.

The scope: We agreed with the client to focus on Strategic Digital Branding, by identifying their baseline performance, advising on a best-practice governance framework, and helping implement SEO recommendations for better brand presentation.

Alongside providing them consolidated brand performance data with our dashboard, we also helped reorient their internal resourcing and processes to better support future content marketing, PR and backlink strategies.

Solutions Implemented

Web Asset and Content Management System Advisory

After conducting our assessments with the use of our Cressive DX system, we provided the client with a 6-month website improvement plan grounded on technical and off-page fixes previously unknown by the client. This included domain discovery and consolidation, security recommendations and speed optimisation.

In creating this governance structure to help improve their CMS utilisation, we also liaised directly with their third-party technical team to speed implementation.

Best-Practice Brand Performance Using SEO

Together with the ongoing measuring and monitoring of the client’s website health and internal tech processes, we then progressed to content sharpening as best-practice SEO for performance.

This included keyword selection and analysis, metadata sharpening, providing content creation recommendations, and more for their core pages and over 300 deep content webpages. These have led to improved performance in organic search results.

Benefits to the Client

Our work with the client to strengthen their brand positioning has led to significant improvements in their strategic digital channel management, including enhanced team knowledge and streamlined processes, as well as key insights into competitor intelligence.

They have also seen a growth in key success metrics such as increases in qualified organic traffic and marketing leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.

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