Centralising Regional SEO Activity

Our client successfully implemented a digital governance framework and consolidated domain migration strategy that helped streamline their regional SEO structure, improve their digital performance, and reduce operational costs.

Client and Brief

The client is the Europe and South Africa division of a large, multinational healthcare company. They manufactures consumer nutrition products for supporting bodily growth, recovery, and sustainability.

In total, they had 15 websites that required consolidation management. We were to work closely with their central Digital Centre of Excellence, liaising with 5 different markets and 3 brands, alongside a number of external agencies and third-party vendors.

Goal and Scope

The goal: To better manage fragmented SEO activity, improve efficiency, and reduce the overall cost to operate their multi-website portfolio.

The scope: With the client, we agreed to focus on Centralisation of their Regional SEO Strategy by assessing and streamlining their digital positioning in various markets for multiple brands. We quickly identified the gaps in their processes and saw that their digital teams needed to change their existing workflows to achieve positive outcomes.

In this instance, we helped reign in their unwieldy regional SEO structure by advising to scale back to the basics and recommending a governance structure that can help improve their performance in the future.

Diagram showing the progress of the Regional SEO Centralisation project.

Solutions Implemented

Digital Governance and Performance Consultancy with Reporting

Using data from our proprietary Cressive DX Dashboard we helped the client build and implement a new digital governance framework, including streamlining their management of marketing data across multiple markets to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs.

We also provided regular performance and multi-channel reporting so that the client had a clear understanding of the impact of our work on their SEO activity.

Migration to a New Content Management System

With our expertise of working with various content management systems (CMS), we advised the client on the best-practice migration to their new CMS including pre-migration audits, monitoring during implementation, and post-migration checking.

Consolidated Domain Migration with International SEO

We recommended and helped implement more efficient domain architecture for the client, involving the consolidation of their their multiple websites and domains into a unified domain. As part of their consolidated domain migration, we also employed a range of techniques including building their hreflang tags (/attributes) and managing the implementation.

Benefits to the Client

With this new shared strategy among the markets, the client saw a greater impact to harnessing the network of websites. They saw an overall increase of 50-100% in qualified traffic, thanks to best practice search optimisation. The client also reduced agency cost from their SEO Centralisation.

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