BBC goes blog?

In-copy links in BBC’s format news page format

There are authority sites you want to get links from. There are authority sites that, even if you can’t get the dreamed-of link, you should watch and monitor very carefully, and learn from. Here’s an example of both.


In a change to the ‘normal’ BBC new page format of:

{title, image, bold intro para, text (no links), bold subheaders, side links}

This is a new format page with in-copy links too. Making the news page:

{title, image, bold intro line, text (with links, i.e. in-copy links), no subheaders, side links}

The embedded links were to other related BBC news stories only (so calm your link-ninjas down). The page template then being more like the self-confessed ‘blog’ sections of the BBC (whose in-copy links do often go ‘outside the BBC’ to other sites).

The only examples of this ‘non-standard’ BBC news page (I’ve found) are in the Middle East section, so it could just be a renegade regional journalist that hasn’t read the internally published guidelines.

Whatever the driver, this illustrates cracks in the wall with the increasing pressure between’ traditional journalism’ and ‘citizen journalism’, and how main-stream journalism adapts to online.

Let us know examples you find.

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