The Cressive DX Content Pledge

Cressive DX has taken a pledge to write new content that adds value.

The Cressive DX Content Pledge: DO write content that adds value, DON’T write ‘content for content sake’ nor add ‘comments for comments sake’.

I get a mix of looks when I repeat this declaration as a principle of our content marketing capability. “Yeah right, how you gonna do that?” a retort to my overly idealistic sentiment baked into what can still be aggressive online content marketing.

We – the whole team – aim for content that resonates, not baits. The Internet does not need more ‘just content’ served up with gimmicks to falsely entice you – e.g. ‘You’ll never believe what Mark Ritson did next in Digital Marketing…” etc – where style tries to make up for a lack of substance.

We’ll aim to avoid repeating content we know is elsewhere, unless we feel we can add value to it or there’s value from curation. To bring clarity and pragmatism to the abstruse, and share recondite findings and selected research to help make digital marketing better – or at least fill an otherwise dull moment over your coffee. To readers deep in the trenches of digital marketing, or perhaps on the periphery peering in with trepidation, we will try to cut through much of the fluff and to progress knowledge and understanding. All in a kind and sustainable manner.

Our content goals are to inform, to add value to relevant conversations, and to arm our audience with articles and arguments that they can bring to colleagues and share with their network to progress discussions.

That’s the aim. We might transgress from our own ideals here or there, unwittingly even if well intentioned, but hopefully you appreciate the approach and benefit from the experiences we share. If so please tell us.

A wise friend, and role model, told me marketing was simple: “to tell, to listen, and to do”. We’ve been ‘doing’ successfully for a long time. Well through our content we’re ‘telling’. do get in touch with us, we’re ‘listening’…

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