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Internship’19 – SEO Consultant

My Internship in Autumn 2019 – by Pia Nitschke

Made possible by the EU Erasmus+ program, I was able to do an internship for three weeks at Cressive DX.  I was hoping to get some more insight into the whole world of SEO and online marketing. Luckily, I got accepted at Cressive and got to spend those 3 weeks in an apprentice SEO consultant role.

Cressive DX is a fast-growing technology and services company, located in the Surrey Technology Centre in Guildford. Their focus includes digital branding improvement and digital reporting for big brands, as well as doing local work such as sponsoring events.

Even though I have only been there for 3 weeks, I got the opportunity to do some really interesting work. Together with the Managing Director, Richard Game, I managed to create a new process for the comparison of SEO keywords across different markets for a client. Another one of my tasks included managing the social media for Cressive, such as promoting the Guildford Book Festival and the author they were sponsoring. I have also helped with the launch of their website in German, and did tasks such as the simple auditing of their clients’ websites or doing some research on keywords and domains.

Considering I had no knowledge of the whole subject when I started, I still think that I have learnt a lot and got a lot of new input. Overall, I am now certain about pursuing a career in digital marketing, even though I have got more exploring to do. I would also like to thank the team for the nice working atmosphere and the fun tasks I was allowed to help them with.

Pia Nitschke

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